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Shannon Shouts out support for farmers

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Shannon Shouts out support for farmers

Through fame and fortune and having lived a public life of ups and down’s, our good mate Shannon Noll has never forgotten his Condobolin farming roots and the struggles his own family experienced through drought.
With strong connections to the land and many farmers as friends, Shannon has already put his hand up to perform at several fundraising events that are raising money for the likes of Rural Aid/Buy a Bale, Drought Angels and The Salvation Army.
Wanting to do more, Shannon has re-recorded a song he wrote in 2012 titled LEAN ON ME which will be available for download on iTunes and Spotify on 24th August with 100% of the monies raised being donated to DROUGHT ANGELS.

“This is essentially my shout out song for all city folk especially to lend a hand to their country cousins. People on the land are quite proud. We need them to know we are here for them and that they are not alone, it could provide them with some hope when many are sadly feeling hopeless due to this natural disaster”, Shannon said.

Having lost his family farm having tried to beat the drought over a decade ago, Noll is extremely passionate about the cause and chose Drought Angels as the recipient charity having researched the work they are doing.

The one thing Shannon has made very clear is that this song is not about him, having funded the recording, players and studio sessions personally he wants the song to be about the farmers, the volunteers who are supporting those suffering and all those who are donating.

“LEAN ON ME is the song that came to me straight away when I was thinking what could I do within the industry to help. It came to me because the words are not my personal story, they are words for everyone to interpret how they feel with their own personal situation. All I hope is that the farmers and volunteers know it is really about and for them”, Noll added.

Head to iTunes and Spotify on 24th August to download LEAN ON ME knowing that 100% of the monies raised is being donated to

“I borrowed a Gasser last Easter weekend to ride with my boys and just fell in love with it, I got in touch with the guys at Gas Gas Motorcycles Australia and told them I just had to own one so they hooked me up with this brand new EC300 GP Special Edition.” – Shannon Noll

Shannon who has recently returned from the South African Jungle after becoming an all too familiar runner-up in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here has been rocking his new “Unbroken” album around the country, for more details and upcoming tour dates visit